Terms of Use

By submitting an image to the gallery, the submitter:

  • Assures the editors of the gallery that they own the image, the image is in public domain, or they have permission from the owner to submit the image to the gallery. The owner of an image automatically holds copyright and submission of the image to the gallery does not change this. The copyright continues to be held by the owner. Images in the public domain may be submitted by anyone since the original owner has released their rights.
  • Allows the image to be used for educational purposes. In addition, the owner gives ASAS (the American Society of Animal Science or its successors) permission to produce and sell packages of selected images to generate revenue to maintain the image gallery. The images within these packages will only be allowed to be used for educational purposes.
  • Allows others to alter the image for educational purposes. Examples of alterations would include adding or removing labels, cropping images, or merging multiple images. When a significant alteration is made, we encourage submission of the alteration to the gallery as a new image.
  • May choose to place the image in the public domain or they may specify that the name of their choice must always appear as a credit whenever the image is used. These protections were adapted from the Creative Commons.
  • Does not grant permission to use the image for commercial purposes, unless they place the image in the public domain.
  • Anyone wishing to use an image for commercial purposes must obtain permission from the owner. Neither ASAS, nor the editors of the gallery, can provide permission for commercial uses.

If the copyright of any image is challenged for any reason, the editors of the image gallery will immediately remove the image from the database. Contact the editors if this situation arises.